UPDATE: Our offices have moved to 1730 M Street, NW, Suite 907, Washington, DC 20036!

LUKS CORMANEY LLP is a Washington D.C.-based law firm, with an emphasis on trade compliance matters, including U.S. export control requirements, sanctions issues, customs regulations and requirements governing private industry access to classified information.  The firm provides clients with the benefits of multi-disciplinary expertise, capitalizing on the District of Columbia Bar Rules that permit lawyers to practice in partnership with non-lawyer professionals.  The firm’s principals are:

Harold Paul Luks, a non-lawyer specialist with 31 years experience in the field of internal trade regulation, particularly export controls and customs, and the development and adoption of trade legislation.  Harold was a Senior Policy Advisor to the Under Secretary of Commerce and member of the President’s Export Council, Subcommittee on Export Administration, which is the senior Federal advisory committee on the Export Administration Act and its implementing regulations.  In addition, while working for Senator Abraham Ribicoff and for the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Luks was deeply involved in the passage of the Export Administration Act in 1979 and its reauthorization in 1985.  He currently chairs the Subcommittee on Compliance and Enforcement of the International Council of the Aerospace Industries Association (“AIA”).

D. Michael Cormaney
, an attorney with over 10 years experience in the field of export controls and trade compliance.  Mike served for two years as the Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security, who is responsible for managing the U.S. Government agency that oversees the administration and enforcement of the Export Administration Regulations, and is currently a member of the Defense Trade Advisory Group (“DTAG”), which is the Federal advisory committee that provides advice to the U.S. Department of State on issues related to the implementation and enforcement of the Arms Export Control Act and its implementing regulations, the ITAR. 

Founded in January 2002, the firm has a significant number of U.S. and foreign clients, including companies located in France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Norway, Australia and the United Kingdom.  The firm’s approach is to achieve clients’ goals through efficient and practical approaches to solving problems, familiarity with the inner workings of U.S. Government agencies, and excellent relationships with U.S. Government personnel - in particular at the Departments of State, Defense and Commerce. 

Please read further into this website to learn more about the services offered by the firm, background of the firm’s professional staff and to review a list of representative matters handled by the firm’s staff during the past several years.